The College Of Apostles & Bishops

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CDCMF's College Of Apostles & Bishops was established in 2008. Our first Chairman is Bishop Lester Paul Bell, Jr. of Christ Deliverance Church in Chicago.

The College is a gathering of all Apostles & Bishops from CDC Ministry and those who have chosen to be in covenant with us.

Bishop Lester Paul Bell, Jr.,Ph.D., Chairman of The College Of Apostles & Bishops.

Bishop Dr. Nadine Larde'

Coordinator for the Performing Arts

Bishop James Moore, Sr, Regional Bishop Gulf Coast Region. 

Apostle Dr. Cheri Pavi Givens, Coordinator Literary Works & Creative Arts

Apostle Patricia James

CDCMF International Representative

Caribbean Region 

Apostle Dr. Olymphia Patton 

National Chair of Prebyters Board

Apostle Rhonda Mathews

Bishop Kevin a. Sutton, Midwest Region Bishop

Pastor Terry Sutton, Coordinator for Missions, Convocation Coordinator

Apostle R. Coda Picture N/A ...


Apostle Robert A. Vandross

The Late Apostle G.H. Brewton

Apostle Karon L. Williams

Overseer Jujjavarapu Joseph